Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Need A Cape

Another quick (and picture-less) update about the semi bumper cars. My car is currently in the shop getting fixed. Mixed news on the cost of the repairs: the damage was surprisingly low, which is good but it is bad because it means no one won the showcase - everyone guessed too high! (The total was $2,385 and change... Dan was the closest at $2,500 but even then, you don't win the showcase if you go over.)

Right now I'm in a rental car, a Dodge Avenger. Aside from having a silly little name that makes me want to read comic books, it's not a bad little car. Sure, the road noise is very loud (almost as loud as Dan's Rav and that's uncomfortably loud) and there are a few bits on it that feel cheap (like the mirror covers on the visors and, you know, the fact that the dash is plastic), but it does have some nice features too. I'm particularly fond of the seat heaters. Very enjoyable. The AUX jack for my iPod is nice, too. And happily, it drives nicely - tight turns, responsive steering and just a surprisingly good ride. I, however, will never buy a Dodge so the chance to really play around with one isn't a great benefit or anything. First off, Dan and I tend to go for the Japanese-made cars. But even if we were to consider Dodge, I think this car is made for someone at least a foot taller than I am. You have to reach way way back to open the center console and I have to about turn around in my seat to look in it. Even the cup holders are placed in a location that makes reaching back for them slightly awkward. So yeah, not at all my thing but for a week and a half, it's not bad! (Though I'd really like to be able to keep the seat heaters for longer.)

Other than that, still going to the chiro. I'm feeling a lot better than I thought - I'm not really sore much in my back/shoulders anymore. The main issue is just a tense neck which is causing lots of headaches. That's not been fun. Since I've been corn-free the number of headaches (and migraines) I've had has drastically dropped so I'm not used to running this almost constant level of pain. My headache tolerance has really dropped!

Anyway, that's the update! Not too exciting but there you go!


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