Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Medical Menagerie

Just a little update. I'm still sore as all get out from the semi incident. It pretty much sucks - super-sore mid-back and a sore neck combine to basically give me a constant headache. Fortunately, it seems like the muscle spasms in my left shoulder have stopped after this weekend, so that's cool. The rest of it is still very much unfun and it makes me whiny.

I've been drafting Dan to help me regularly apply the Badger to my back. Additionally, when I was at the chiro on Friday, she gave me some Tiger Balm. I gotta tell you, I'm loving that stuff. It's like a cross between Vicks Vapor-Rub and Icy Hot. The Badger is nice - it has a gingery warmth that isn't overly strong but kind of cuddly - but I'm kind of partial to the Tiger's more in-your-face mentholated tingle. I'm also doing regular chiropractic appointments and getting adjusted, some electrotherapy and delightful acupuncture.

I really like acupuncture, by the way. When I first had it months ago, I figured eh, why not, it's not like it is making things worse so sure. But I had to skip acupuncture one appointment and I could really tell a difference. Post-poking, there is a nice looseness and lightness in the area that was punctured. It isn't a permanent thing - more like an extended release pain pill - but I really like how it feels. And if it is doing that, I can't help but think that there may be some longer term help that it provides that isn't as noticeable. So I definitely wanted to do it for this current issue, if we could. And we can, so I did! Dan got to witness it and said he thinks it's a bunch of voodoo. Hehe. While my prior shoulder issue got me six needles per session, looks like this one gets me something slightly closer to twenty. (I forgot to count and Dan just said between ten and twenty, but I'm pretty sure I had 10 just on the shoulders alone and she also did my upper spine and neck.)

In more related news, Dan and I are taking my car in this evening to get a damage estimate. (We have a Price Is Right style betting pool on that currently. Feel free to offer your own guesstimate!) Of course, our appointment is in an hour or so and it is raining cats and dogs outside (thankfully not literally). And my trunk doesn't seal anymore. And my CD player is in my trunk. Sigh. No good can come of this.


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