Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Y'all, Not Cool

Sigh. I had a dentist appointment this afternoon that I just had to cancel. Why? Cause I'm pretty sure I'm sick. Again. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm at the start of another cold, given the sneezing, sore throat and runny nose.


But I always get mad at those people that go out into the public world while sick. Because if I come in contact with someone sick, chances are very high that I will get sick. So I refuse to be one of those people, out in public, attempting to infect the world.

I have a chiropractor and massage appointment tomorrow. I will wait to cancel them. Maybe I will have a miraculous recovery. Though at this point, I think running out of tissues is more likely.


  1. Definitely not cool. We need to find something like Airborne that you can take prophylactically so you can stay well longer. If he will help, I can send little chicken guy back, he's pretty powerful! And I haven't been lovin' on him since I have a chest cold! Love, Claudia

  2. It's bubble time. Who's been infecting you? Have you been to the market lately? I wish I could help you! Kick some people down and then spray a magic mist of sanitizer when anyone greets you... sounds a little outlandish, but I think it could work.

  3. Claudia, Well, I'm not sure about Airborne specifically (though I'll have to check it out), but in general, I'm kind of hesitant about taking medicine now because of the corn thing. It is no fun taking something to feel better and actually feeling worse! :(
    Leah, dude, I know! Bring on the bubble and sanitizer!